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Grant Of The Scholarship

Social financial aid is given to the students of our university who are in need of economic support on a non-refundable basis to make their educational life easier.
The number of beneficiaries, amount of scholarships and GPA ranges that will be rewarded are determined by the Board of Trustees upon the offer of the University Administrative Committee and announced on the website of the university. Unless decided otherwise by the Board of Trustees, the number of beneficiaries, amount of scholarships and rewarded GPA ranges of the previous year will continue to be in effect.
The students who want to benefit from the social financial aid apply to the Student Affairs Office with the application form and other required documents on the dates of application announced at the beginning of each academic year. The Student Affairs Office transfers the application documents to the Scholarship Committee within 2 (two) weeks following the deadline.
Considering the criteria stated in 13th article and the total quota, the Scholarship Committee determines the rankings of the applicants and submits them for the approval of the Rectorate.

Circumstances Under Which The Scholarships Are Not Granted

Social financial aid;
Social financial aid is not given to students;
  • Who do not study in full-time programs of the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association,
  • Who study in the Preparatory School,
  • Who are not registered as full-time students in the faculties/vocational schools of our university in the fall or spring terms,
  • Who receive disciplinary punishment with the exception of reprimands and warnings,
  • Who are foreign students,
  • Who receive a scholarship from any other institution,
  • Who exceed their normal study period.