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Working Part – Time

The students of our university can work part-time in the laboratories or academic or administrative units of our university to make use of their free time outside of the classes and contribute to their income.
The number of the students working part-time at the University is determined by The Board of Trustees upon the offer of the University Administrative Committee.
The related academic/administrative units of the University inform the Student Affairs Office about the number of students they need and the required criteria. The quota of working part-time and the required qualifications are announced by the Student Affairs Office and applications are received from the students. The Student Affairs Office delivers the applications to the related academic/administrative units by adding the transcripts of the students and the schedule of the relevant semester to the application forms.
The related academic/administrative units choose the most suitable students for the job according to the qualifications for  the job by taking the following criteria into account:
  • The students who have a high academic grade point average
  • Conformity of the weekly lesson schedule with the working timetable
They later put them in order and transfer them to the Student Affairs Office.  The Student Affairs Office submits the lists of the assessment results from the relevant academic/administrative units for the approval of the Rector.
Hourly wage is accrued, based on minimum wage, to the students employed part-time in return for their services that they give either within the working hours or out of working hours.
Weekly part-time working time cannot exceed 25 hours.

The Circumstances Under Which Students Cannot Work Part-Time 

The students listed below cannot work part-time:
  • The students studying in the preparatory class,
  • The students who are not registered as full-time students in the faculties/vocational schools of our university in fall or spring terms,
  • Foreign students,
  • The students who exceed the normal period of study.